Pre-Course evaluation:

New Horizons UK & Ireland are working with your organisation to deliver training. In order to accurately provide you with the correct level of training, we first ask that all participants complete the following assessment in the most honest way possible.

This assessment is used to gauge which course is most suitable for you.

  • Completion of this assessment is compulsory
  • Only complete the assessment ONCE, your 1st result will be the only result recorded
  • There is no minimum score requirement as entry into the course
  • Close all instances of Microsoft Excel while completing the assessment
  • please do not refer to Microsoft Excel application during the assessment
  • The assessment should take between 10 - 20 minutes to complete

Q1. Which of the following calculations would you use to find the total of cells B10:B14.

Q2. To have a formula add together the content of two cells and then multiply by the content of a third cell, which of the following formulas would give the desired result?

Q3. Which of the following is not an Auto Fill option in Excel?

Q4. Which of the following methods would you use to insert a new blank worksheet?

Q5. Which of the following features will allow you to print column or row titles on every page of your printed output?

Q6. Which of these error prompts is not a standard calculation return in Excel?

Q7. Which of the following techniques can be used to create a new chart from selected data?

Q8. The following VLOOKUP function will return a value from which column of the table array being searched? VLOOKUP(A10,B1:D20,4,False)

Q9. Which of the following Data Filter criteria would show orders placed on, or after 1st. July 2017?

Q10. Which of the following Logical functions would show 'Over Budget' if the value in cell B10 exceeds €50,000?

Q11. Data in a Pivot Table report will update automatically when values on the Excel datasheet are altered.

Q12. Values summarised in a Pivot Table report automatically use SUM, AVERAGE, or similar functions. How would you show values as a percentage of column or row totals?

Q13. The Name Manager in Excel 2010s used to store and manage what?

Q14. When creating a global Macro that can be applied to multiple Excel files, you should store the macro where?

Q15. Data Validation can be applied to Excel cell ranges to restrict data entry to a specific list of values?

Q16. Colour Scales is an option of which features in Excel?

Q17. Which of the following What-if Analysis tools in Excel is used to store multiple values in a range of cells?

Q18. To prevent unwanted changes to cell ranges in Excel which protection option would you apply?

Q19. Which of the following options will allow you to save a snapshot of the current layout of all open and arranged workbook windows?

Q20. To graphically display cells that provide data to a formula which of the following features would you use?

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